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May 04, 2015

Oh WOW is time flying or what??

Time is really flying by so fast, and I have not had the time to blog lately but here I am with a New blog post. The thing is, summer is so close now and the weather is changing from cold and windy to more rain and warm. I Love the warm winds and i do Love the rain. Rain makes me feel free and it is a good time to meditate and take mother earth in to my soul.
A lot of seeds and smaller plants will soon be added to my garden. I took down some branches that seeded themselves years ago by one of our trees, it did this before we bought our house. It did not look right so finally I got them down and our tree got more space to breath and grow its branches out more just like a beautiful tree should be able to do. I Love trees, they are so special and magical. I like to talk to them, and not that they answer me back, but they do talk to me too, in their own magical way.....

Oh, and more jewelry pieces will be made this week. I am so excited because finally, finally, finally I am making the "Make a Wish" Necklaces which are so close to My Heart!

I Wish You a Wonderful Monday and New Week!


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Teri McFarlan said...

I too love trees and talk to them, so you are certainly not alone! Every tree has a personality, its own special look, some are perfectly straight and some are bent by the wind. I love them all blossomed out in spring and full of color in the fall and yes I even love them in the winter when they are bare and you can see each and every branch, just like bones. Here's to summer and gardens and creaty beauty! Love, Teri


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