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October 04, 2015

Exciting for sure!

Pernilla's Design has a feature of excitement for sure! Not only is the Shop over at Etsy expanding, but the Business is expanding in other areas too, and I will come back to tell more about this in a a week or two. 

It is about time because the passion is bigger then ever these days for creating. I have come back to the roots of my urge to make things and I can't really sit still either, I just gotta create and only then I can be fully happy. 

For a couple of weeks I have been thinking about a name change. but then again I am not really sure due to that Pernilla's Design is established. I do go by just Pernilla and Pernilla's too. My Botanical Jewelry pieces are kown and so are my Metal and Rock pieces and I want the Shop name to be recognized for it all. 

Terrarium Jewelry, Keepsake Jewelry, Botanical Pieces, Boho Jewelry, Boho Chic Jewelry, Rustic Jewelry, Rustic Bride Jewelry, Hippie, Gypsy, Victorian, Jane Austen, yes, you name it. My Shop fits all of these categories and beyond, ha!

Have a Great Sunday!
Lovely Treasury!


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In the beginning of 2006 I moved from my country, Beautiful Sweden, to the U.S to be with the Love of my life, my soul-mate. Among many things I am an Artist with a huge passion for the Beautiful and Healthy.